To work towards our mission, we generally focus in two areas, - Youth Development and Family Involvement.

Youth Development


We use a concept called Sports-Based Youth Development to help our youth grow as athletes and more importantly as leaders in our community. We use basketball as a vehicle to work with our youth in the following areas:

  • Health and Life Skills

  • Education

  • Athletics

  • Taking the responsibility of a leader

Coaches use aspects of the game of basketball to help develop social and leadership skills. Players set goals (athletic, academic, and personal), coaches help provide training, workshops, and linkages to help players to achieve their goals. Teams practice budgeting techniques with players as they raise funds for uniforms, equipment, and travel. Players and parents participate in workshops and activities that help them with health and nutrition, social development, leadership and more.  Players, coaches, and parents participate in coat and food drives, volunteerism, and other forms of community work. 

Of course, we work with athletes and their parents to help prepare for college or higher-level athletics and academics through training and preparedness for college requirements.  We participate in high-level tournaments and leagues to help players experience highly competitive playing environments and give them the opportunity to play in front of hundreds of prep school and college coaches and scouts. We strive to make connections that will afford our student-athletes the best possible opportunities. 


Family Involvement

We implement programs and activities that promote parent and family involvement.  We provide access to resources and make connections when possible to help families who may be in need of support.