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The SMD HEAT Girls Exposure and College Prep travel basketball team uses the USA Basketball youth development curriculum and NCAA requirements to help prepare young ladies and their parents for college.

As part of the program we will work with players to do the following:​​





Develop athletic and academic goals to help prepare them for college.

Develop a journal that includes a checklist of requirements

for each year of high school.

By the end of their junior year, help players enroll in the NCAA Eligibility Center and meet with their counselor to upload transcripts to ensure they meet all NCAA eligibility requirements.
Players will participate in workshops and receive lectures from college/professional players and coaches about the recruitment experience and the athletic and academic commitments in college.
Resources regarding tutoring, SAT/ACT prep, individual athletic training and more will be made available to players and parents.  

Coaches will also ensure parents are equipped with the same information given to the players as well as other resources so parents will be involved and hold players accountable.



Our tournaments, uniforms, athletic equipment, etc.

is supported through fundraising! Please participate in raising funds

to ensure we meet our fundraising goals. 

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