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The Southern Maryland H.E.A.T Athletic Program, Inc. was born out of the Boys and Girls Clubs of Southern Maryland (BGCSM).

Unbeknownst to many, Charles County, Maryland, was once the home of a BGCSM unit. From after-school and evening programs to summer camps, the BGCSM Charles County unit served more than 500 children and families in just three years. The program served low-income and children from disadvantaged backgrounds. 

Located in areas of need such as Lancaster, Wakefield, and Pheonix Run in La Plata, the program focused tutoring, leadership development, recreation, and athletics. BGCSM implemented programs such as the Torch Club, peer groups, and a gang and violence prevention program, flag football, dance, and basketball. 

Unfortunately, in 2009, the BGCSM Charles County unit was closed due to a lack of funding. Parents and players of the club basketball team, which was called the Southern Maryland Heat wanted to continue the program. 


The club Director, Simeon Russell, secured insurance and practice facilities. The coaches, Derico Prout and Eric Tomlinson continued to coach and focus on youth development, using basketball as a tool to continue providing leadership, youth development, and athletic development.

Today, Simeon and Derico continue to lead the organization. 


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